About Steve

About Steve

Hi. I’m Steve.


Contact: My email is Steve@Mora.co

You can reach me there or by phone or text at +1(719)-330-8533

About: I’m 23. I’m an author and photographer, but I do lots of other things, too.

I’m a textbook author, drone photographer, human learning researcher, and world traveler.

I try to learn from everyone I meet.

I’m based in Colorado because my family is here and I love spending time with them. I travel a lot because seeing the world is just as important as spending time with people I love. I value the perspective traveling gives me.

My life’s mission is simple: I want to find adventure in every day, be happy by choice, dream big because it works, and practice helping people understand each other better.

I know that my life is best when the people around me are having fun and getting every opportunity they want. There’s nothing more fulfilling than meaningful work in collaboration with good friends.

There are three things I want to do most: Take pictures, learn cool things, and change the world for the better.

Why “change the world?” It’s not because I want to be famous or rich (that would be cool though). I’m an ambitious lunatic because I see the world changing around me at an incredible pace and want to be a positive part of those changes. It’d be a shame not to at least try, right?

Okay. So now you know 2 things about me: I live in Colorado, I have an odd list of projects. What else is important?

Well, I’m also wrong.

I’m wrong almost all the time.

If you asked me “Steve, do you really think you’re a lunatic?” I’d chuckle uncomfortably and say, “No, that’s an exaggeration, but it gets the idea across.”

See? You’ve been reading my autobiography for 30 seconds and I’ve already been wrong.

How embarrasing. You’d think I’d be qualified to write my own bio.

Anyway, because I’m (almost) always wrong, my hobbies include:

  • Soliciting negative feedback
  • Going where I don’t belong to ask questions
  • Starting constructive (if uncomfortable) conversations about disagreements

That might sound a little crazy, but it works quite well! Being wrong makes me a better person.

Testing my assumptions helps me learn and improve faster. There’s nothing that slows down learning quite like thinking you’re right about something. This is why the scientific method works so well.

Just so this bio doesn’t get too weird, my other hobbies include sleeping in, thinking my political views are right, wishing I had more time to read, going to midnight premieres of sci-fi movies. I can only ever eat about half of the popcorn I buy.

I have facebook.com set to automatically redirect to facebook.com/messages so I don’t get distracted by my news feed.

I habitually order hot chocolate when I don’t know what to get at fancy coffee shops. I’m trying to change that habit to a cappuccino or mocha because I think it will make me seem more cultured.


I call my blog “Mapmaking.” I try to be less wrong by “making better maps” of the world and everything in it. I’m never expecting to ever be “right” because all I’m making is maps.

Not terrain maps like the one above. Idea maps.

I find that leaving behind normative terms like “right” and “wrong” is very helpful for having productive conversations. When you’re making maps, constant revision is part of the game. You become very familiar with your own inaccuracies.

At best, you’ve made a good map. It will need to be updated even if it’s perfect now. You can’t be right if you’re just a cartographer.

But you can be wrong and that’s what matters. Being wrong is where learning begins.

I’d like you to join me.

Help me make better maps.

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Here are the main things I’m working on.




Study Abroad Book

My recently published book is called The World’s Best School: Travel (TWBST). The title essentially says it all.

Students who travel naturally pick up skills like proactive self-development, confident communication, creative problem solving, and bureaucracy navigation.

Students who don’t think they can’t afford to study abroad need these skills, too!

TWBST teaches these skills and more while helping students secure scholarships to travel while in school.

Setting up partnerships for TWBST is basically my full time job at the moment. If you work in international education and you’d like to help students study abroad, check out StudyAbroadBook.com/partners

Visit StudyAbroadBook.com
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Bridge is the sort of project I should be working on about 10 years from now, but I’m looking for shortcuts to make it happen sooner. It’s a tool that connects human data and computer processing power, making “big data” useful to individuals.

I’ve made an interactive multimedia white paper that describes everything that goes into making Bridge, and I’ve also written a few short stories about the future of Bridge on my blog.

Learn more about Bridge.


Lander Photography

Photography is what I do whenever I’m not reading or working on the two projects above. Drone photography is the latest way I’ve found to have fun taking pictures.

I founded a drone photography company to do aerial still photography and video work throughout Colorado.

Visit http://Lander.PhotoLike Lander on Facebook

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      Just a few extra things I think you should check out.





      I want to be able to refer people to a single place for everything I do.
      So, SteveMoraco.com (also Mora.co) features:

      • A simple link to contact me by email: Steve@Mora.co
      • A way to dive into what I’m learning.
      • A list of my friends and what they’re up to.
      • A list of my most important projects (which you’re reading now)
      • Links to everything I do on the internet (see the bottom of this page).
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      The Adventures Of Jonas

      Jonas (art), Jordan (design), and I (technical details) are all friends from high school. We recently collaborated to publish Jonas’  webcomic/journal.

      It’s one of Jonas’s biggest life goals, and we made it happen in just a few months! I’m proud to have been a part of making this a physical thing!

      Its a gorgeous 400 page visual narrative that will entertain, inspire, and occasionally frustrate you. Jonas makes you feel like a part of the adventure. You’ll love it.

      Check it out.


      The Map Making Blog

      The blog is a place for me to post ideas, tools, book notes, resources, and updates of all kinds. I also guest post various places around the internet.

      This blog is my way of learning through teaching. Did you know that’s the best way to learn?

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      Day 1



      Photography is really, really fun. If I had to be professional about it, I’d call it an “unending lifelong passion” or something like that. It’s how I live my life day to day. People know me by the camera in front of my face. I’ll never get tired of taking pictures.

      My Photography Page is an effort to keep me continually editing and sharing my best work!

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