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Below you’ll find my personal mission statement, a list of current projects, and an invitation to you.

Three Ideas

Life should be fun, curious, and happy!

Your mindset creates the world you live in, so if you change the way you think, you can change the way you experience the world.

People do awesome things if they know how to take their dreams seriously.

Figuring out what you want and why you want it is half the battle to create a world you’re excited to be a part of each day.

The other half of the battle is embracing your ignorance, learning from failure, and learning to re-frame obstacles as advantages.

Communication is the most important skill.

The biggest problems are often a result of failing to understand each other. We can practice ways to understand each other better.

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What would the world look like if we could share these ideas together?


These are the things I’m doing right now to help people live happier, do their best, and communicate more effectively.



Perhaps the most relevant project is that of this website. This is my home on the web, my namesake URL. It will continue to be until Mora.co opens up :P

I want to be able to quickly refer people to a URL for everything I do, so here I’ve assembled three easy-to remember ideas about why I do what I do, the simplest contact page ever made, a clear and actionable mission statement, links to everything I do on the internet (available soon), AND a list of my most important projects (which you’re reading now).

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Study Abroad Book

My recently published book: The World’s Best School: Travel. The title essentially says it all.

The process of traveling refines every important life skill. Clear and confident communication (whether in personal conversation, public speaking, or grant/scholarship applications), efficient emailing, seeking mentors, and effective bureaucracy navigation are necessary skills if you want to study abroad.

The textbook and online course teaches all of this under the guise of a typical “how to travel” guide.

Links coming soon ^_^



One skill I’ve struggled with throughout my life is getting up on time. Those of you that have very consistent schedules may laugh, but anyone who has set their own schedule knows how easy it is to get off track (or worse, never get on track).

Alarm is the first small step in a series of minimally designed and maximally useful lifestyle apps. Essentially it takes waking up in the morning and breaks it down into a simple habit and a double-tap gesture. Getting up on time never has to be anything less than the best part of your day ever again.

Visit WakeWithAlarm.com



Photography is an unending lifelong passion. It’s how I live my life day to day. People know me by the camera in front of my face. I’ll never get tired of sharing pictures.

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What would a world I love living in look like?

Not that the world we have isn’t pretty amazing already. ^_^

I want to live in a world full of loving families, where each member is happy by choice and everyone knows they are worthwhile and valuable.

I want to live in a world full of co-collaborators who take their own dreams seriously, and have the tools to do meaningful, fulfilling work to create a world in which they want to live.

I want to live in a world full of good friends who understand the value of communication and go out of their way to listen to and understand each other.

Here are 3 beliefs that will help make our world more like the ones I described above.

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I believe the joy of life comes from finding happiness, value, and worth within yourself.

Tweet About The Choice To Be Happy.

These qualities are a choice, not a discovery or pursuit.

I believe that people who are doing their best deserve to be happy. I believe that each person is valuable and worthy of education and opportunity. I want to encourage child-like curiosity, adult-like critical thinking, un-ironic enthusiasm and excitement. We should all get excited about the awesome world we live in and our profound ability to engineer a better one.

Those of us who have had our questions answered and our dreams encouraged can be responsible for helping everyone else receive education and opportunity. We have the tools to make the world we want to live in if we’re willing to figure out what that world is.

I believe that the world will be best if all people are doing their best and have the tools to realize their dreams.

Tweet The 3 Ways To Succeed

The three best ways to succeed at your dreams are by cultivating curiosity for its own sake, learning from fast failures (most people fail slowly), and seeking helpful criticism.

I believe that learning and growth happens best when people are encouraged to fail fast and be naturally curious, and reassured that they are worthwhile even when they make mistakes. I believe that people who choose to enjoy the journey can fail and learn from it, regardless of if they ever reach the destination they imagined. I believe that people who know they are valuable and worthwhile can receive criticism effectively instead of taking it personally.

Discovering that you are wrong is one of life’s best gifts. Knowing what you don’t know is the first step in any learning process. You can’t get where you need to go by thinking you are already there. If you want to grow, first you must know you are wrong without worrying about if that makes you less valuable, then you must confidently go somewhere new and ask questions.

I believe communication is the path to the future we all want.

Tweet About Awesome Communication

Purposeful, effective communication involves using simple words, listening actively and compassionately, and seeking to understand before criticizing.

I believe that clear communication is the key to the world we imagine. I believe the most complex things can be explained simply. I believe active listening is the most valuable skill a person or a nation can cultivate.

When we learn about new perspectives, we all face a choice between criticizing or understanding. Understanding is more difficult and more worthwhile than criticism. People who want to create the most opportunity for everyone should seek to understand and empathize before criticizing or teaching.

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I want to share tools and techniques so we can all be better equipped to make progress toward our vision for ourselves and the world we want to live in. I want to encourage interesting conversations. I would love the opportunity to ask you questions, learn from you, and (only if you’re interested) send you updates about my projects.

 I want to have a blast solving the world’s most interesting problems together. I want to bring just a little more opportunity, joy, and wonder into the world.

If you do too, I would love your help.

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Where can I learn more?

For more about me, checkout my about.me page and the projects section of this website.